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We know how you feel! You just got the little guy, and now you have to go to an event that takes you away from home for a few days. Deciding on where to keep your puppy while you are away can be stressful. Belle Aire Kennels and its staff has been providing puppies a safe and comfortable experience for many years with our puppy boarding in Downers Grove, Illinois.

Minimum Age is Key with Puppy Boarding

The minimum age we recommend your pet be when using our services is 6 months. If you are in need of care and your pet is under 6 months, you may need to consider using our in-home pet boarding service or take your puppy to your veterinarian.

Why 6 Months?

The 6-month recommendation is not a state law. Rather, it is the ideal practice. Our experience shows that if puppies are younger than 6 months old, boarding puppies can be more stressful than necessary at that tender age.

Puppy Boarding Services

Our puppy boarding services are unsurpassed because we’re passionate about making each and every one of our guests happy. Some of the pet boarding services we offer are:

  • Dog Boarding Services
  • Cat Boarding Services
  • Puppy Boarding Services
  • Bird Boarding Services
  • Rabbit Boarding Services
  • Hamster Boarding Services

Dog Boarding Rates

The cost of boarding your pet varies according to its size. Holiday rates differ, please inquire when booking your pet’s stay.You will be charged the day your pet is dropped off, per day, accordingly. On the day of pick-up, if you come before 10am you will not be charged for that day.



$ 26 00 per day


$ 26 00 per day


$ 28 00 per day

Extra Large

$ 30 00 per day


$ 55 00 per day


All Sizes

$ 27 00 per day


All Sizes

$ 12 00 per day


All Sizes

$ 20 00 per day


These are just some of the features we provide:

  • Filtered air
  • Large outside runs (4’ X 15’)
  • Huge yards for group play
  • Generator backup for power grid failures
  • A three-stage filtered water system
  • Spacious interiors (3’ X 3’ and 4’ X 4’ sizes)

In addition, we also offer “play and save” pet boarding services we can tailor to your exact needs, including 30-40 minutes of playtime each day, 4-6 hours of daycare play and much more.

We also provide special VIP Suite care where we bring pets into our home.

Pet Boarding Hotel in Downers Grove IL

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